Sporting Pavilions

Our modular sporting pavilions are constructed primarily offsite at our production facility, minimising disruption to the sporting calendar and ensuring your building can be easily installed during the off-season. This process is significantly more time and cost-efficient than a traditional build, while still providing a high-quality finished product that looks and feels ‘permanent’.

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Sport has been a central part of Australian communities for generations. But as sporting clubs continue to grow and develop, many councils find themselves struggling with outdated or unsafe facilities. For over 35 years, KLMSA has been providing local communities with cutting-edge modular sporting pavilions and facilities that are modern, comfortable and highly functional.

Whether you’re a metro or regional council, after a small change-room facility or a large multi-use sports pavilion, our team has the flexibility, experience and hands-on knowledge to deliver an exceptional modular solution. Our architects and designers will work with you to develop a building that reflects your community needs, meets your budget, and complements the surrounding environment. 

KLMSA will be on-hand to keep the project running smoothly every step of the way – from asbestos removal and demolition of old facilities, to the installation and fit-out of the replacement...we offer a full turn-key solution with a strong focus on service and quality. 

We are particularly interested in helping local football clubs support the increase in numbers of AFLW players. All of our modular sports pavilions comply with Female Friendly Sport Infrastructure Guidelines and the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility, ensuring that we deliver buildings that feel modern, safe, private and enjoyable for every member of the community.