Early Learning

When it comes to delivering high quality, innovative modular buildings for a wide variety of early learning centres, KLMSA is an industry leader. Our prefabricated modular buildings are constructed primarily offsite, a cost-efficient process that minimises disruption to your business without compromising on quality or architectural style.

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We design, build and install modular / prefabricated kindergartens, education and care centres, playcentres and early learning centres of all kinds. Our team has the flexibility, experience and hands-on knowledge to deliver an exceptional modular solution – regardless of size, shape or budget!  

As part of our full turn-key solution, our architects and designers will sit down with you to develop an early learning building that reflects the needs of your learning style, fits your budget, and complements the surrounding environment.

From there, we’ll handle everything - from site preparation, off-site construction, to installation and on-site completion. Throughout the process, you’ll be invited to our manufacturing facility to provide feedback and ensure your project suits your requirements.

Our prefabricated modular buildings are not the kind you might remember from your early school days. They are architecturally modern, technologically innovative, and designed to both look and feel ‘permanent’. 

Prefabricated modular construction is significantly more time and cost-efficient than a traditional build, offering a streamlined planning stage and less disruption to your day-to-day business.

In over 35 years of operation, KLMSA has delivered a number of exceptional early learning building solutions. If you think modular might be right for your early learning prefabricated building, browse our project case studies or reach out to us for a chat.