Why should I go modular?


BMG Woodlea Early Learning Centre Installation


KLMSA provides architecturally designed facilities for any purpose! Areas of education, health and community services, administration and commercial applications are our specialty... having consistently achieved great cost-effective solutions for our clients. KLMSA buildings are built off-site yet designed to look "permanent" and seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment!

Please view our time-lapse video of a recently completed project at Ringwood Heights Primary School

Catholic Regional College - Sydenham

KLMSA has an in-house design team that assesses your requirements. A building can then be designed to address your needs, ensuring that any new improvements complement your existing buildings and surroundings...


A KLMSA building is cost effective and meets all the necessary building code requirements.


A KLMSA modular building is built off-site at our Production Facility. This controlled environment allows us to overcome weather conditions and other possible onsite delay issues. There is minimal on-site construction time which means less disruption to the daily operation of your site. 


A KLMSA modular building does not need to be a standard rectangular shape! All KLMSA buildings can be architecturally designed and manufactured to any shape or size. There is flexibility with modular sizes as each KLMSA building will be designed and configured to suit your space requirements. Whether it is a single storey, double storey or even a building with a high pitched roof... there is a sound, cost-effective KLMSA solution!


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With over 30 years of experience in the modular building industry KLMSA has an understanding of all the requirements needed to produce a state of the art modular building. The Directors work on a day to day basis in the business. With this “hands on” approach each project is managed professionally and with a strong emphasis on quality and service.

Every KLMSA building is built to meet the National Construction Code, Part J Energy Requirements and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Code requirements. KLMSA has an audited OH&S and Environmental Management System that is managed throughout the company with a focus on identifying and controlling all construction risks and hazards.


Berwick Grammar School - Officer

Every KLMSA manufactured building is assessed by an Accredited Energy Auditor to ensure all requirements of the Building Code of Australia, Section J Energy Efficiency elements are met. Items such as glazing, insulation, heating, ventilation, cooling and climate zone location of the building are taken into consideration in order to reduce the amount of energy a building requires for its normal operation. A report is compiled to accompany the design documents at the Construction Certificate stage.

KLMSA buildings can be a permanent part of your project or relocatable if required. Certified structural drawings form part of your project so at all times you can be assured that your building is built to last. All KLMSA buildings are completely steel frame manufactured and are built to last a lifetime. All buildings are manufactured off site and after installation the exterior, for example, can be bricked to match existing buildings! The look and feel of the building will be the same as if it was built on site...

Burgmann Anglican School - Gungahlin

Every project is managed by a KLMSA Director to ensure quality and compliance with all statutory building requirements. Each site has a nominated Project Manager to oversee pre-site installation through to handover of the building. Contact details of both the Project Manager and Directors are provided to the client to ensure an on-going line of communication during the entire contract period.


Overnewton College - Taylors Lakes

Just take a look at the testimonials on our website... This will confirm the strong reputation of KLMSA as an experienced, competent and reliable modular building company. Please don't hesitate to contact our clients to ask about their modular building experience.

Our modular projects include commercial offices, staff amenities, sporting pavilions, special purpose accommodation requirements and educational facilities.


View a selection of completed modular projects below.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar School
Two Storey Junior School Facility
Burgmann Anglican School
Senior School Building
City of Greater Geelong
Lara Recreation Reserve Pavilion
ACT Government
Palmerston Early Learning Centre - ACT
Southern Cross Grammar School
New Junior School Campus
Education South Australia
Learning Facility
Bacchus Marsh Grammar - Woodlea ELC
Early Learning Facility