1. Process

    Concept Design & Engineering

    We will work with you to design and engineer a building that suits your needs, style and budget. Our in-house architects excel in creating functional, ambient spaces, and the KLMSA team makes sure no time is wasted in getting your building plans certified and permit-ready.

  2. Process

    Permits & Approval

    KLMSA organises the building permit, independent soil reports, Section J compliance reports, and anything else required.  All KLMSA buildings are assessed to meet or surpass the required engineering standards, ensuring that we deliver robust, high-quality construction every time.

  3. Process

    Off-Site Prefabrication

    80% of construction is undertaken offsite at our Production Facility, eliminating disruption for your site or business. Our building modules are built around a fully welded steel framework, and during this phase, the modules will be largely fitted out and configured to resemble the finished building. You will be invited to inspect your project throughout construction and are encouraged to work closely with the team to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

  4. Process

    Site Preparation

    As close as possible to the building delivery, KLMSA will take control of your site to ensure installation is undertaken seamlessly. From site security and fencing, to organising the scheduling and undertaking the necessary groundwork procedures, we’ll do everything required to prepare your site for your new modular building..

  5. Process


    Once at 80% completion, our buildings are transported to the site for installation. All buildings are delivered at “lock-up” stage to minimise any site security issues.

  6. Process


    Following installation, the final stages of the construction process are completed. This includes installing any final fittings and fixtures, as well as adding all the finer details required to give your modular building the look and feel of a permanent structure.