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Welcome to KL Modular Buildings

Recognised as a leader in modular and prefabricated construction KL Modular Systems (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., has built a reputation as an innovator in modular, relocatable, portable and site offices buildings for commercial offices, amenities, sporting pavilions, special purpose accommodation requirements and educational facilities.

A KLMSA building meets:

•Building Codes of Australia Guidelines

•Energy Efficiency Part J – Sustainable Developments

•Disabled Code Access AS 1428.1-2009 (Design for access and mobility)

An Australian owned company established in 1987, to introduce the innovative modular systems developed by the present management to the Australian Building Industry.

KLMSA has a hard earned reputation for quality, service and for providing practical solutions for your rapidly increasing space requirements.

Browse our website to learn more about what we do and how we can assist you with your requirements, whether your building needs are big or small, KLMSA has the solution.

Why should I go modular?

From small site huts and site offices through to architecturally designed multi-purpose facilities, classrooms, offices and holiday cabins.
Anything that can be built and transported to site, KLMSA can build.

Practical Solutions

KLMSA has an in house design team that looks at your requirements and then designs a building that blends into the surrounding environment. A KLMSA building is cost effective and meets all the necessary building code requirements.

A KLMSA modular building is built completely in our factory, this controlled environment allows us to overcome weather conditions and other onsite delay issues. There is minimal on-site construction time which means less disruption to your site.

Flexible Design

A KLMSA modular building does not need to be standard rectangular shape, all KLMSA buildings can be architecturally designed and manufactured to any shape or size. We are not limited to standard modular sizings, each KLMSA building looks at your space requirements and whether it be single storey, double storey or even high roof pitched buildings KLMSA has a solution.

25 Years Experience

With over 25 years of experience in the modular building industry KLMSA has an understanding of all the requirements needed to produce a state of the art modular building. All three Directors work on a day to day basis in the business. With this “hands on” approach by the Directors each project is managed professionally and with a strong emphasis of quality and service.

Safe & Reliable

Every KLMSA building is built to meet all the Building Code, Part J Energy Codes and Disabled Access Code requirements. KLMSA has an audited OH & S and Environmental Management System that is managed throughout the company. KLMSA focus on identifying and controlling all risks and hazards that may affect their staff, contractors and clients.

Energy efficient

Every KLMSA building manufactured is sent to our Energy Auditor to be assessed so as to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, Section J. Items such as glazing, insulation, ventilation and climate zone location of the building are taken into consideration so at to provide a well built and well insulated building.

Project Management

Every project is managed by one of the Directors of KLMSA to ensure quality and compliance with all the building codes. Each site has a nominated Project Manager to oversee pre-site installation through to handover of the building. Contact details of both the Project Manager and Directors are given to the client so that the client can, at any time, contact someone in relation to their building.

Permanent or Relocatable

KLMSA buildings can be a permanent part of your project or relocatable if required. Certified structural drawings form part of your project so at all times you can be assured that your building is built to last. All KLMSA buildings are completely steel frame manufactured and are built to last a lifetime. A KLMSA building can be manufactured off site and after installation the external of the building can be bricked to match existing buildings. The look and feel of the building will be the same as if it was built on site.

Existing Reputation

Just take a look at the testimonials on our website, this will tell you KLMSA has a strong reputation as an honest and reliable modular building company. Do not hesitate to contact our clients to ask about their modular building experience.

What are modular buildings used for?

Modular buildings are used in the same way you would design and build a standard building project, the only difference being that the modular building is constructed off site in our factory and then transported to your site. This allows for minimal on site construction time.

Modular building allows us to design and construct cost-effective buildings that are individual to your needs.

Our buildings are not only durable enough to last a lifetime, they also provide practical solutions too many construction issues on site.

Multi storey, on site solutions as well as holiday cabins are just some of the buildings KLMSA have manufactured and delivered successfully. KLMSA have worked in the education area for more than 25 years manufacturing classrooms, multi-purpose facilities, libraries, toilet facilities as well as administration centres for schools throughout Australia.

KLMSA have the highest standards of construction and meet all BCA Building Code Regulations. We are also registered with the Building Practitioners Board, Department of Transport, IproLive and are also members of the Master Builders Association.

If you have an urgent need for educational, institutional, commercial or industrial accommodation we would be pleased to prepare drawings and provide a quotation to you to show you how easily you can solve that problem. If you wish to consider expansion or relocation to a modern user-friendly environment then KLMSA can help you. From the initial meeting through to the final hand over of the building KLMSA staff are always there to assist.

What are people saying about us?

Sue Rolland from KLMSA handled this process with a great deal of expertise, understanding and attention to detail. Sue sat down with our Leadership team, and noted the particular aspects of the building the school required. There were a number of drafts within the design process, until we reached the final design.

Mark Sheehan
Mark Sheehan Principal, CRC Melton

Thanks to KL Modular we now have 5 large purpose built educational buildings that other schools are envious of, staff are extremely happy to teach in, students are excited and eager to learn in this environment and parents are absolutely astonished how well they are presented.

Brendan Tapscott
Brendan Tapscott Property Manager, St. Margaret’s

The new building is integrated with the old building so well that most visitors can't tell difference between old and new.

The fit and finish is equal to any permanent structure I have been in and is a reflection on the KLMSA team that worked so closely with us.

General Manager SkyBus

Kl Secure

Most onsite facilities offer little security for the valuables of builders – we are launching on to the market a site solution where you can utilise an office, storage and toilet or shower in one building. This building reduced the number of deliveries required on site by having everything you need in one building instead of three.

Machinery can be loaded into the lockable storage area, your office will have reverse cycle heating and cooling and you will have the option of a chemical or sewer connection toilet. One delivery, one delivery fee, no more waiting around for three separate deliveries and paying three separate pick up and drop off fees.

KL Modular Systems has introduced KL Secure into the modular site hut market to target not only construction and building industries, but those in events, festivals, architects who need on site facilities.

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KL Escape

We all love a weekend away or a holiday with the kids but when you are away you spend more time away from your holiday accommodation than in it so why spend so much money on a holiday house when you can afford a KL Escape cabin? KL Escape has a range of self-contained luxury living cabins that are eco-friendly, safe, strong and easy to relocate when you want to try a different holiday location.

Our luxury living cabins can be used for owners of caravan parks or residential villages or families who are looking for a stylish modern holiday cabin to locate to their property for a weekend getaway.

The convenience of ordering your cabin and having it delivered to your site completed takes away the headaches and unexpected costs or delays of building on site. You can choose from one of our cabin designs or work with our design team to come up with a plan reflecting your space requirements.

This is not a standard basic holiday cabin, these cabins are designed with luxury in mind. Timber flooring, LED lighting, insulated for the climate conditions as well as sound proofing are all standard items in our cabins. Take a look at our cabin designs and specifications for more information.

Due to the ever increasing transport costs we are only manufacturing and delivering to Victoria, South Australia, ACT and NSW.

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KL Maintenance

KL Maintanence

KLMSA have recently introduced to the market KL Maintenance Services, this service provides plumbing and maintenance requirements to Victoria. Whether it be an ongoing services maintenance contract or a one-off plumbing issue KLMSA are ready to take your call and send out our licenced Plumber to handle your problem. This service has been very successful as KL Maintenance prides itself on fast and efficient responses to all enquiries. Please give us a call.

Get Modular

If you have an urgent need for educational, commercial, industrial or holiday accommodation we want to help you. We look forward to preparing drawings and providing a quotation to you to show how easily you can solve that problem. If you wish to consider expansion or relocation to a modern user-friendly environment then KLMSA can help you. From the initial meeting through to the final hand over of the building KLMSA staff are always there to assist.

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