KLMSA has an excellent reputation in providing high quality, practical, cost-effective modular building solutions.

The modular building process follows the same procedures for the design and build of a standard building project, the only difference being that the modular building is constructed off site in our factory and then transported to your site. The cost-effective advantages are as follows:

  • All steel frame & structure, durable enough to last a lifetime;
  • 80% construction of a new building is completed off-site at our Production Facility;
  • Building is delivered at “lock-up stage” which minimises site security issues;
  • A minimal on-site construction period – usually a maximum of 8-10 weeks for a large building;
  • Minimal disruption to usual daily business activity;
  • Reduced period of construction noise and associated traffic;
  • Minimal restriction of yard space for school students;
  • Reduced period of time for use of sub-standard, substitute facilities;
  • Design and construct to client specification; and
  • Equivalent high quality building outcome that complies with the National Construction Code (NCC).

KLMSA has successfully delivered both single and double-storey buildings, site offices that combine office, storage and sanitary facilities over the past 30 years. The recent introduction of luxury holiday cabins adds to the variety of our modular building products. KLMSA has completed various projects in the education sector for more than 30 years manufacturing classrooms, multi-purpose facilities, libraries, toilet facilities as well as administration centres for schools throughout Australia.

KLMSA maintains a high standard of both service and construction quality to meet or surpass all National Construction Code requirements. We are registered as Commercial Building Practitioners with the Victorian Building Authority and mutually recognised to undertake construction projects in South Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. KLMSA is also registered with the Department of Transport, IproLive, Victorian Construction Supplier Register and is a member of both Master Builders and Housing Industry Associations.

If you have an urgent need for educational, institutional, commercial or industrial accommodation we would be pleased to prepare drawings and provide a quotation for a modular solution. If you wish to consider expansion or relocation to a modern user-friendly environment then KLMSA can help you.

From the initial meeting through to final hand over of a building KLMSA staff are always there to assist…




When quality and practicality combine

A KLMSA modular building is built completely in our factory, this controlled environment allows us to overcome weather conditions and other onsite delay issues. There is minimal on-site construction time which means less disruption to your site.

A KLMSA modular building does not need to be standard rectangular shape, all KLMSA buildings can be architecturally designed and manufactured to any shape or size.

Our projects are delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team in modular design, construction and management.

All backed by awards, accreditations and endorsements.

Registered Commercial Builder in Australia

Member of Master Builders Association of Victoria

Member of Housing Industry Association


Victorian Govt. Construction Supplier Registered

IpoLive Registered

All buildings are compliant with National Construction Code 2017, BCA and DDA requirements.

PrefabAus Founding Member